Curriculum Vitae – Julia Heuritsch

My complete CV

Find my complete CV here in a web- and collapsible format and here as a PDF (last update: 12th March 2024).

It is understandable that in our fast-paced society we often can only afford to have a short glimpse at somebody’s CV to catch what is relevant. When we send an application out, we are therefore required to condense all experiences into how we’d like to “sell” ourselves to the respective recruiter. Since I value transparency, I find it important to make a complete picture of my life’s achievements available to anyone who is interested.

It is often during recruitment, even before a person has taken his first steps in the organization, that the lying starts. As candidates, we conform to who we think we ought to be in the eyes of an employer – in everything from our CV, the way we dress, our attitudes, and the questions we feel appropriate to ask or not to ask to the stories we choose to tell about ourselves. Employers, too, will often try to attract candidates by putting on a mask of their own. (A whole field of marketing called “employer branding” has emerged, which tries to lure not customers but job candidates with a positive spin about how great an employer a company is.) The recruitment process is often an uncomfortable dance of two partners wearing high heels to look taller, tight clothes to tuck the belly in, and so much make-up that you would not recognize them on a normal day.

– “Reinventing organizations” by Frederic Laloux (p.174)

My relevant CV

Find my Relevant Resume here (last update: November 2022):

While my complete CV presents a comprehensive list of all my achievements without any filter, this CV is my interpretation of my most relevant achievements. It is an alternative to what we are used to from a CV and includes my failures, lessons learned, core qualities and values.

Written by Julia Heuritsch | Last edited: 12th March 2024