My published work & essays

Publications resulting from my research

From my research research at the Centre for Science & Technology Studies (CWTS; Leiden, NL) from December 2015 to December 2017 and at Humboldt University (HU; Berlin, Germany) from February 2018 to December 2021.

2018 (CWTS): Publish or perish: the astronomer’s dilemma

2019 (HU): Effects of Metrics in Research Evaluation on Knowledge Production in Astronomy | A Case Study on Evaluation Gap and Constitutive Effects

2020 (HU): Knowledge Utilization and Open Science Policies: Noble aims that ensure quality research or Ordering discoveries like a pizza?

2020 (CWTS): ‘People take you more seriously’: the perceived value of a PhD degree and the skills mismatch in the labour marketcited in the following websites/ blog articles:

2021 (HU): The Evaluation Gap in Astronomy – Explained through a Rational Choice Framework (2nd half therein publish here)

2021 (HU): Reflexive Behaviour: How Publication Pressure Affects Research Quality in Astronomy

2021/2023 (HU): Reflecting on Motivations: How Reasons to Publish affect Research Behaviour in Astronomy

2021 (HU): Towards a Democratic University: A call for Reflexive Evaluation and a Participative Culture

2024 (HU): Doctoral thesis: “Reflexive Metrics: Reactivity and Practices of the Evaluation Culture in Astronomy”


2012 (University of Vienna): Willensschwäche – received a 1.0*

2015 (Leiden University): 50 shades of screwed up research (English version)

2017: Diversity in Space Research

2018: 50 Shades of fucked up Science (German version) – This blog-Article won 10th place in a blog competition (of 49)

2019 (HU): Reconciling the logic of the social sciences with the logic of particle physics through the universal concept of causality – An ontological reductionist approach – received a 1.0*

2021 (HU): Exhibition: Reflections on the UniverseNature Astronomy

2021 (HU): Reflecting Bubbles – Ein IT-Artefakt zur Visualisierung der eigenen Echokammer – A design-thinking project benefiting a resilient democracy (received a 1.0*)

2021 (HU): Doing Loss through Accepting what Is and the Role of Ambiguity Tolerance therin – received a 1.7* by Andreas Reckwitz

* grade scale: 1.0-5.0

Written by Julia Heuritsch | Last edited: 26th March 2024