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Photo by Dr. R. James, Texas Tech University
Paradox of Choice

We live in a world where individual freedom and freedom of choice are among our most important values. At first, this gives the impression of having absolute freedom. However, at some point we realise that we feel overwhelmed by having to make all that choices. The Paradox of Choice is feeling responsible for our choices and the disappointment about not having made the “right” one. It can lead to feelings of guilt and a decreasing self worth.

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What does success mean?

In our capitalistic society we often call it success when we achieve what we planned for. The process, itself unimportant, becomes the means to an end and it almost doesn’t matter how we reach that goal, as long as we do. However, not only are we not in control of everything, but in that process we might also lose sight of what it is that we really want. I think that redefining what “success” means to us, can bring us closer to our true selves.

Independence is an illusion

Do you pride yourself on being (financially) independent? Gotcha!
While (financial) dependence is a virtue to strive for in our society, we become blind for our dependencies on each other. We may work for a douchebag boss in order to claim that we are financially independent. Are we though? In this article, I argue that we cannot escape independence – but we can transcend it! Thereby we become the freest dependent person we can be.