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Did we forget how to love?

“In our society we seem to be too busy in our daily lives to take care of each other. Our priorities lie in climbing career ladders and crossing off our to-do lists instead of engaging in meaningful relationships.” 
Renée IJsebaert (co-founder of this blog)

Selflessness in crisis situations

Crisis situations aren’t pleasant. Why then do I find something appealing about them ever since I was a kid? I realised that crises have a positive side despite their dreadfulness. In crises we tend to stick together, we notice each other, we help each other out. 

A few thoughts on trust

How do you decide who to trust? How do you make sure that others don’t take advantage of you? Our approach to trust – whether we assume people are inherently trustworthy or not – has an impact on our lives, relationships and opportunities.
– A guest article by Enrique Garcia Bourne