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Discipline vs. the Joy of Wasting Time – A Difficult Balance

Discipline does not always work in our favour. When we fire us up with meeting targets, we often lose touch with our inner core and miss the joy of the journey. Maybe it is time to re-learn the joy of “wasting time” to get back in balance. How do you harmonize the need for discipline with your desire for freedom and spending some “you-time”?

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The Joy of doing Chores

I used to do my chores efficiently, driven by my discipline. However, I have recently discovered a new attitude towards these kinds of activities – enjoying the simple sense of accomplishment they bring.

Fearing the Fear

We learn from our past experiences. They make our choices easier, help us understand the world better, and help us avoid doing the same mistakes. However, projecting past experiences onto present or future situations also makes us less open to new experiences. I find myself fearing the fear when it comes to situations related to painful experiences. How do
you approach situations you dread?

Quantified Self & Accountable Me

Do you want to get to know more about yourself? The Quantified Self movement promises to give you precise data about your health and your track records in many activities. It promises to give self-knowledge through numbers. However, when we try to over-quantify qualitative concepts like happiness, we end up missing out on the essence of life.

Performance for Grown-Ups

Much recent New Work literature states that it would be better to tap into the intrinsic instead of extrinsic motivation of employees. Some sceptics answer: Yeah, but surely we can’t always do what we want in that moment? And they are right. What this literature is missing, is to distinguish between intrinsic motivation and identified regulation (doing what is right).
Adding identified regulation to one’s decision-making spectrum is next-level maturity. Tapping into that kind of motivation is potentially more gratifying than performance-based bonuses.