Travels: USA Roadtrip 2019 – Episode 5

USA Roadtrip 2019 – Episode 5:
The Golden Gate Bridge

On the 7th day of our journey (19th January), we only managed to leave the house in Redwood City at 10:15 and headed off to the Golden Gate Bridge. The smell of the sea, the warmer temperatures (around 19°C) and a little bit of sun made the walk along the shore feel very good. We stopped at several spots to take pictures of the beautiful views of the bridge and of Alcatraz.

The Golden Gate Bridge
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We intended to go to Muir Woods to see the super large trees (Redwoods, also known as Sequoias) afterwards, but first we decided to get lunch in China Town. I couldn’t wait to have some delicious Hot Pot. In the end, it would have been stressful to go to the Redwoods if we wanted to be sure to have proper sunlight, so we went to Pier 39 instead. It’s a place by the sea with a view of Alcatraz. Despite the many attractions and shops for tourists (and the many tourists), the place had a really nice atmosphere. And we saw some sea lions! And a Speculoos Shop 🙂

The Pier 39 atmosphere
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I couldn’t leave San Francisco without taking a lot of pictures of the intriguing houses and streets:

The streets of San Francisco
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Afterwards, we decided to for our 2 cars to go separate ways again, with Max and Idriss going to the gym and eating at home while the rest of us continued on to the Castro district, the “rainbow area”

Rainbow Area in San Francisco Castro District
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We had a very good time drinking Margaritas at a Mexican restaurant and talking about life. It made me very happy to get to know Audrey a bit better and I felt we had a lot of fun together as a (sub-)group.

Ever since Pier 39, I was craving for some mini donuts with cinnamon sugar. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any in the Castro district, but we did find a cookie ice cream sandwich store – and it was totally worth it! They had pumpkin spice ice cream, it was super delicious.

Me enjoying the pumpkin spice ice cream, squished between 2 chocolate chip cookies
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We drove down the famous Lombard street and finished our sightseeing tour by driving up a hill from which we could see San Francisco from above. 

San Francisco Skyline
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Table of Contents

  1. Prologue & Epilogue
  2. Arrival & 1st Day
  3. Bryce, Zion and The Grand Canyon
  4. Cabin in the Woods 
  5. Yosemite
  6. The Golden Gate Bridge
  7. Huge trees & Hollywood
  8. Universal Studios Hollywood
  9. The LA experience
  10. A paradise of stones
  11. Finally, Las Vegas!

Written by Julia Heuritsch | Last edited: 28th June 2022

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