Introduction to Travels

I decided to write about my bigger travelling adventures on this blog, not because I want to show how great and how much fun my life is travelling the world, but because I want to write about the little things we often don’t regard as important when we travel, yet reveal so much about other cultures and places.

During our road trip through the US in January 2019, Enrique said that I take pictures of things nobody else would find worth capturing. I replied that one can find millions of the photos that people usually take on Google. I am bored of trying to take good photos of things I have seen better quality images of on the internet or in print. I am bored of going to the touristic spots and museums for the sole purpose of taking that information in and being able to say I have seen it. I’d rather google that information. I like travelling because of the experience. When I go to a different place, I like to experience it fully. That is not necessarily the information that has been prepared to feed to tourists, but rather talking to locals, spotting the little things that are different, exploring the spots that aren’t so crowded. I want to be able to learn something new that a documentary wouldn’t show me. I want to be able to tell real stories to my friends and not just how amazing it was to see the Grand Canyon. 

To me, travelling is about the experience of other places with all their facets and peculiarities. That is why writing about this experiences suits this blog’s motto – to #Saywhatis – perfectly.

Me in the Valley of Fire, Nevada.
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Table of Content

  1. USA – Road Trip; Jan 2019
  2. Uganda – Summer School; Sept 2019

Written by Julia Heuritsch | Last edited: 29th June 2022