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Uganda Trip 2019: Prologue & Epilogue

Google Maps Timeline: 14th – 29th September 2019
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In September 2019 I had the privilege to participate in a summer school in Uganda. It was the first international summer school in Uganda bringing together 50 researchers from Germany, Uganda, and Kenya and held at Muteesa I Royal University in Masaka. I had the privilege to be one of the “Germans” (I did my PhD in Berlin at the time) to be selected by GESIS and receive a full scholarship to participate.

The summer school was about Survey Methodology – so how to design, build, distribute and analyse (web-based) surveys for research purposes. It was the perfect timing to attend this summer school for my research, since I had just finished the qualitative interview part of my research and was now moving towards the quantitative survey phase.

Not only did I learn a lot, because I experienced the best lecturer I have ever had, but I also experienced these two weeks as incredibly liberating. The simple fact that we didn’t know when electricity or hot water would cut out – things we take for granted in our “Western” world – made me focus on the moment more, instead of rushing through life like I usually feel I do. The fact that I didn’t want to come across like an arrogant white person made me pay more attention to people passing by and greeting them. This made me feel more connected to others.

It was a truly incredible and inspiring journey and I feel super excited to share it with you in this series of the Special Theme Travels.

In fact, I have wrote down many stories that happened during the first week in Uganda, ready to share with you. I have been wanting to do so for 3 years now. However, at first I had no time, since I just started to build up the Unternehmensdemokraten with Andreas & Paul. When Corona hit, it felt inappropriate to “brag” about my world trips, when everybody was stuck at home. Now feels like a good time to dig out this adventure and and share it with you πŸ™‚

Group photo of all participants and lecturers of the ISSU
@ the campus of Muteesa I Royal University in Masaka
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Click here to read the first episode of this Uganda Trip 2019 or navigate through the Table of Contents:

Table of Contents

  1. Prologue & Epilogue
  2. 29hrs from Berlin to Masaka
  3. First lecture & Shopping in Masaka
  4. Food & Drinks
  5. Ugandan Steam Bath & BBQ
  6. Off to Ssese islands
  7. A Nature Walk on Ssese Islands
  8. African Braids
  9. Kampala – Uganda’s Capital

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